Here’s one way to occupy your toddler. XD

Here’s one way to occupy your toddler. XD

Thursday Nov 29 @ 08:24pm
Oh you know, gamin’ (;

Oh you know, gamin’ (;

Tuesday Jul 24 @ 09:40am

You know, I honestly thought that I would miss those days. When Jansyn was so tiny and fragile. I mean how could I not, really? When they’re so very tiny and new and you can’t think of a thing in the world that could top that little baby boy. But I’ve been surprised to find that I don’t as much. As Jansyn gets older, he’s not just fun to take care of but legitimately fun to spend time with, as well. That might sound kind of strange, but to me it feels like there’s a difference. Like all of a sudden he’s old enough to be considered “company”. And pretty cool company at that! I may be running on less sleep with more to do now than I ever have before, but let me tell you. It’s all worth every minute.  

Tuesday May 15 @ 12:58pm
May 15, 2012

My beautiful mother and Nanna stopped by this morning. They’d been out shopping and doing their thing. It’s nice to see my Nanna get out. It’s rare that she will now days. We carried on a conversation, mainly about my papaw’s passing. & Even though the subject wasn’t the funnest, it was a nice conversation. My grandfather passed nearly a year ago and it just now is starting to feel real. To everyone. 

On to happier thoughts.

Jansyn’s napping and I’m about to pack up a picnic for when he wakes! I thought we could go to the park and feed the ducks and have a nice lunch. Jansyn loves the swings and I love seeing that adorable smile! :)

Tuesday May 15 @ 12:52pm

Monday Apr 30 @ 12:13am

My precious<3 & mummmmma talkin’ in the background.

Wednesday Apr 25 @ 11:23pm
Wednesday Apr 25 @ 06:48pm
Micah, my niece &amp; the lovely Jansyn. :)

Micah, my niece & the lovely Jansyn. :)

Saturday Apr 14 @ 09:32pm

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